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Chuck and Nancy Wilson

Twenty years ago we had Sealtite repair a crack in our foundation wall. While checking our property for damage after the unusually harsh winter, we noticed that the crack was just beginning to start to leak again.

We called Mike at Sealtite wondering if he would honour his guarantee. He responded immediately , arrived when he said he would, and set a date for the repair .

His workers (Bill and Glen) were courteous and worked with the least disruption to our yard as possible.
I don't think many companies would respond so quickly, and thoroughly to a 20 year warranty call. Thanks Mike I will be recommending you to all our friends and family!

Mary T. Kala

Over the past 10 yrs Sealtite has done a number of jobs for my husband and I. From putting our house up on supports in Feb. 1999 to replace a collapsed wall, to water proofing and drainage tile, to a new concrete patio, driveway and kennel pad. Mike is always polite, explains the job ie. the work to be done, the price and reasons to do things a certain way. When emergencies arise he is very prompt and professional like the time our cistern was and professional leaking and we had no water. Over the lastten years I have had Mike do at least five different jobs for us. I have and would highly recommend him.

Harry and Sonia Tokat

One of Mr. Mike Gionet's satisfied customers recommended us to get our work done by Seal-Tite. Since then he has completed two jobs for our family. We found his craftsmanship to be excellent and we received positive remarks from our neighbours at both homes. The second job completed by Seal-Tite, Mike's expertise was required to analyze the foundation of a wall after settlement cracks had set. Mike then completed a custom rear patio, side walkway and concrete driveway for us. We recommend his services with confidence.

E. Ryan, St. Catharines

Seal-Tite repaired our leaking cistern in 2006. The work was completed in a timely fashion and they kept inconvenience to us to a minimum. The site was left clean and tidy. We choose Seal-Tite because they had done a similar repair for a friend over twenty years ago. Both the friend and we were and are still perecftly satisfied with the result. I recommend them highly.

Mary Sielsk

Mike, enclosed please find a cheque in the amount of $234.06 for work done to our cistern. The workers were great. Thanks again for your prompt service.

Spring Garden Blvd., St. Catharines

Mike, thank you for the quality work.

Gerda Ryckaer

I am a retired lady living in a '65 era bungalow. In the early Spring, during a heavy downpour, water came into basement from both the front and the back.
I interviewed 4 contractors. One who did inside excavation and 3 for outside excavation. I chose Mike Gionet because of his detailed description of the work that needed to be done, the reasonable price quoted for such extensive work and for his calm, knowledgeable manner. His willingness to answer any questions that a stressed and worried homeowner might initially have was also a big plus in my decision to hire Mike. I felt comfortable with him from the first few minutes of the interview.
The job was extensive. The team needed to dig 7 feet down and 3 feet back all along the back of the house and along the front as well for a good 6-8 feet. Then it all needed to be waterproofed and backfilled. This took a good 3 weeks. In the Fall, they returned to for the final backfilling of topsoil and to build me a large window well for an oversized basement window.
Mike's team of workers were polite and helpful. The job involved taking down part of the solarium and moving the backyard shed in order to give the machinery access to the back of the house. The men helped me move the heavier objects and furniture to the back of the house. The men helped me move the heavier objects and furniture to other locations. That was a big help to me. All the structures were later put back exactly where they had been. No problems since. The actual work proceeded well and the seal job held even after a summer of violent rainstorms. A couple of small but important chores (to me) were that Mike replaced my wash-line and that the men piled all the excavated soil on plywood rather than just on grass. Once the refilling was done, the lawn recovered nicely.
In all, Mike and his team did an outstanding job. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to waterproof a leaky basement. He is calm, cheerful, efficient and knowledgeable. He makes the homeowner feel at ease and instills confidence in his work. That is very important to a client in my type of situation.

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